By now you’ve seen our logo, so it will come as no surprise that we paint and we decorate. But you might be surprised to know:

what we do and what you get are two different things.

What you get

Your house transformed into a home

Your business transformed into a welcoming workplace

A reputation for quality work and professionalism

Attention to detail and pride in the outcome

Access to wonderfully vibrant, geometric, floral, patterned, plain and colourful wallpapers

Access to a specialised product that only us and one other Dunedin painting company can provide

A team that is trained and qualified in applying this product, ensuring you will get the best finish in town

The highest quality preparation, exceptional results, many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge

Don’t take our word for it though. Follow this shiny red button to see what some of our clients have to say about us.

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    What we do

    Interior painting

    Exterior painting

    New home painting



    Light commercial

    Roof painting

    Airless spraying

    Colour advice